No. 77 Leyn Baan set in the vibrant heart of Galle fort, is a luxury residence owned by legendary Cricketer Kumar Sangakkara.

No. 77 was built for a family by a family. Time was spent observing family patterns; the running of children and the quiet laughter of adults hosting each other within these curated spaces. 'The strength of this house is in the subtleties of family interaction, we wanted spaces that allowed us to truly live together with a focus on experiences shared and emotions felt: says its design team. A six year renovation with two different architects; a monumental effort tempered by patience, understanding and faith in the end result: and what a result it is.

With five steps, one could leave the ramparts of Galle Fort and enter the front door of this Southern home. It takes a seasoned eye to spot the tender care taken to keep the entrance as neutral with its surroundings as possible, yet provide a glimpse into a world of intricacies beyond. As you enter the curved entry way, perceptions change and the words of our Austrian visitors inner child spring true; "Nothing here is what it seems".

This 120 year old Villa sprawling over a palatial 3,500 Sq.Ft, not counting its well appointed three courtyards; is a testament to sacred geometries and a multitude of fine architectural details. The keen eye of its Architects demanded a representation of both the old world and the new, seen in the collection of Sri Lankan masters adorning the walls as well as mid century modern pieces that embody the ethos of wellness by design. "There is peace to be found in a space, says its interior designer, and this home is the pursuit of that belief.

Sensitivity to its history was a key factor in the curation of this Southern Gem. Existing within the Galle Fort is a responsibility from all those involved and this ethos was observed down to its minute details. Drawing inspiration from the humble forms and rugged grace of Sri Lankan Architecture and Interiors, No. 77 is a celebration of old meets new within this ever-changing world.

With restoration underway, a scheme was needed to bridge classic and contemporary, to fuse modernity and antiquity and the culmination of a six year journey is what you see before you.
A home should be a reflection of its owners and the ethos in which they live. This jewel of a home emphasises the importance and love they place on arts, crafts and materiality and use this to establish the soul of their home. The relationships shared with artists and craftsmen is celebrated within these walls. Names like Mahen Perera, H A Karunaratne, Priyantha Udagedra, Prageeth Manohansa, Ruwan Prasanna and Pala Pothupitiya stand tall in the pantheon of Sri Lankan Masters and whose work beautify and elevate spaces and museums around the world, and now within No.77. Their league is held with names such as Le Corbusier, Charles and Ray Eames and Eero Saarinen, placed throughout the home to solidify the belief that beauty in all its Galle.

These words were written in a travel log by an Austrian visitor to the Galle Fort in the 2000's. Her description of her first encounter with the streets and structures were that of a child whose imagination has been captured by the most fantastical shopfront in the world. And like all shopfronts, the true magic is within. Galle Fort plays host to some of the most intriguing and beautiful buildings in the world. A bastion of colonial architecture and a pocket of space that has yet to catch up with the rest of the world. And it is within this space that you will find a home unlike any other; At No.77.


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