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About us

Inspired by the Kingdom of Tambapanni, the first Sinhalese Kingdom of Ancient Sri Lanka that came into being in the 5th century BC. Our story is an ode to the subtle glamour of yester year. An expression of quintessential Sri Lankan heritage and culture through a handpicked collection of ethical , bespoke private labels.

Join us at the intersection of Ceylon fashion, art and culture

Shimna Chandan 

Founder and CEO, Tambapanni Collective 

Shimna Chandan is the Founder and CEO of Tambapanni Collective, a luxury e-commerce platform founded in 2021 to bring exquisite Sri Lankan brands and experiences to an international market.  

The Tambapanni Collective is inspired by the 5th century BC Sinhalese Kingdom of Ancient Sri Lanka, and the brand is a fitting tribute to the elegance and allure of yore. Prior to founding Tambapanni Collective, Shimna spent 16 years working in international investments in Singapore, India, and the Middle East while holding senior positions at international banks like ABN AMRO, Barclays, and Deutsche Bank.  

Her love for the culture and heritage of her native Sri Lanka empowered her to start a bold new venture. Together with her team, Shimna meticulously curates each collection to represent Ceylon's vibrant culture and heritage through ethical, bespoke private labels to spotlight Sri Lankan artisans globally. Today, Tambapanni Collective encompasses a diverse range of designers, artisans and luxury properties in Sri Lanka.