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The exotic luxury fashion brand, ‘Amilani Perera’ is a ready to wear brand, which is driven by a two-pronged motive - providing the wearer with a truly unique garment and giving back to

The brand has become a voice for women suffering from violence in silence, an issue
Amilani is deeply passionate about. Working in partnership with the United Nations
Population Fund in Sri Lanka, Amilani helps to uplift and empower abused women in Sri
Lanka. Through the partnership, she engages survivors of violence in her product
development and conducts mentoring programmes to enhance their fashion and design

The brand is well-known for its unique touch in bespoke designer wear in Sri Lanka. The
Amilani Perera women’s wear designer label has been showcasing at the Colombo Fashion Week consecutively since 2013. Further, Amilani Perera was the only Sri Lankan brand to be featured at the Asian Designer Week 2016, which was held in November 2016, in New Delhi, India. And she showcased her Spring Summer 17’ Collection at the USA - SRI LANKA fashion week in New York in 2017. She is also the official designer for the Airport & Aviation of Sri Lanka.

Amilani is a graduate of the Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. During her fashion
career, she has worked as a designer with leading global garment manufacturers such as
MAS Holdings, for the amanté lingerie brand and worked as a design consultant for Arvind Life Style Brands, Bangalore, India.

AMILANI PERERA Cruise Collection 2023


This season Amilani Perera presents a cruise collection on the brave and empowering story of Queen Vihara Maha Devi, a revered heroine from 2000BC Sri Lanka. Legend has it that her father, King Kelanitissa, had committed a major sin and the wrath of the gods made the ocean boil over to land, causing a “tsunami” that flooded the kingdom. Devi, a young 12 year old princess at the time, stood up in bravery for the sake of her people, and said she will voyage into the rough seas on a boat as a sacrifice. It is said that as soon as she was sent off to the sea, the waves resided and the water was calm again. Soon after, Devi was found on the shores of the South of the island, ruled by King Kavantissa. Hearing her story of sacrifice and bravery, the King fell in love with Devi and they got married. Together, they would bring to life two sons, King Dutugemunu and King Sadhatissa.

The collection by Amilani Perera, inspired by Devi’s story, is represented in jet black colours with weaves of ribbons entangled with metallic highlights to show the tsunami. The collection then transforms into deep burgundy representing the young princess’ sacrifice to the Indian Ocean with embellishments in crystals and sequin detailing. The white episode of the collection represents her emotions of survival and of love and marriage, with crystal droplets adding texture to the surface.

With Handloom fabrics weaved by the survivors of violence from Women’s Development
Center in Kandy and sublimation prints adding a minimum impact to the environment,
accompanied by intricate machine and hand embroidery details, the collection is a reflection of embracing heroic empowering women of Sri Lanka..