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Kuḍya is a contemporary jewellery design studio that is driven by curiosity for all forms of art and beauty to design unique and enduring pieces to be cherished and enjoyed.

Derived from the Sanskrit word for curiosity, the name Kuḍya embodies our spirit that is ever wandering in a boundless search for inspiration.  

At Kuḍya, we celebrate the understated glory of brass. This golden toned metal is durable, malleable, resists corrosion and is recyclable, all without the hefty price tag of gold.
Its unique nature is to form an antique patina over time, turning its bright gold lustre into beautifully subdued warm gold tones. However, its bright gold lustre can be easily revived and maintained with occasional polishing.

For these reasons, Kuḍya designs are primarily made up of brass as it allows us to sustainably create unique, bold yet affordable, enduring pieces that can last generations to come. 

Kuḍya was founded by Architect Gayathri Lindagedara as a creative outlet to experiment with material and art to adorn the body. With an emphasis on design, the goal is to create bold and unique accessories that are enduring and accessible to all.